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Belyayev Serhiy

Date of birth: 11 APRIL 1962, Ukraine

Current employment and status:
Deputy Head of the Laboratory for electromagnetic investigation of Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research of
National Academy of Sciences and State Space Agency of Ukraine

Educational background
1979-1984 Lviv Polytechnical Institute, Ukraine
Grade obtained: Radio engineer
Field of study: Radio electronics

Summary of experience
Theoretical and practical aspects of magnetic measurements, fluxgate and search-coil magnetometers design and
application of measurement systems for civil, space and geophysical applications. System design of automatic control
equipment for industry and power engineering.
Design of electronic equipment and technical support of production processes.

Current activity
Participation in space projects - 1999 to present:
Chief designer of miniature fluxgate magnetometer for measuring the Earth’s magnetic field
vector for scientific experiments and for an attitude control system of a microsatellite
Participation in geophysical and magnetic measurements projects - 1998 to present:
Design of several field and observatory search-coil and fluxgate magnetometers and their parts for
geophysical applications.

Employment history
Since: 1998… till now
Employer: Lviv Centre of the Institute of Space Research of National Academy of
Sciences and National Space Agency of Ukraine
Job title: Senior engineer, junior research fellow, deputy head of Laboratory
Job description: Beginning from 1998 have been participating in design of several field and
observatory fluxgate and search-coil magnetometers for civil, space and geophysical applications and earthquake prediction

Previous employment
Period: From 1992… to 1998
Employer: Control Instrumentation Research Institute “Lvivprilad”, Lviv, Ukraine
Job title: Head of department
Job description: Automatic control equipment for process technology has been designed
Period: From 1984… to 1992
Employer: Lviv corporation LORTA, Lviv, Ukraine
Job title: Engineer, leading engineer, senior engineer
Job description: Special solid-state memory modules design for missile control

The winner of the prize of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the development and
implementation of innovative technologies (2014)

Number of scientific publications: 47

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