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Valery Korepanov /

Awards /

bulletThe winner of the prize of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the development and implementation of innovative technologies (2014)
bulletBadge of Merit by Aerospace association of Ukraine (2013);
bulletHonoured Diploma of Ukraine Supreme Council for public service to Ukrainian people (2013);
bulletDecoration of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for professional advancements (2013);
bulletChizhevskyi A.L. Honorary Medal of Cosmonautics Federation of Russia for great service to domestic cosmonautics (2012);
bulletBasic Sciences Award of International Academy of Sciences for significant and lasting contributions to advancements of the astronautical sciences (2011);
bulletChristiaan Huygens Medal (2009);
bulletState Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (2008);
bulletOrder For Merits (2003);
bulletHonoured Diploma of Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2001);
bulletHonoured Scientist of Ukraine (1997);
bulletHonoured Diploma and medal of Presidium of Academy of Sciences of USSR (1973);
bulletBronze medal of USSR Exposition of National Achievements (1985).



Huygens Medal.
The 2009 Christiaan Huygens Medal is awarded to Valery Korepanov for  his significant achievements in the development of sensors and instrumentation for
electrical and magnetic instruments for investigations of the Earth and the solar system.

Huygens Medal


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