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Dr. Vira Pronenko

Date and place of birth: 09.07.1972, Ukraine.

Current employment and status: Scientific Director, Head of Laboratory for electromagnetic investigation of Lviv

Centre of Institute for Space Research of National Academy of Sciences and State Space Agency of Ukraine,
5-A Naukova str. 79060. Lviv. Ukraine.


Graduated from Lviv Polytechnic State University as radio engineer in 1994.

Ph.D. Degree in radio technical devices and telecommunication means in Lviv Polytechnic National

University in 2012.


1995 1996 - engineer of Institute of Physics and Mechanics;

1996 2010 - engineer of Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research;

2010 - 2013 - junior then senior scientist of Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research;

2013 - till now - Head of Laboratory for electromagnetic investigations of Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research.

2016 - till now - Scientific Director.


(i) main field

Theoretical and practical aspects of magnetic fields investigations in space plasma and on-land.

Design and manufacturing of induction magnetometers.

(ii) current research interests

Electromagnetic research in space and ground geophysics.

Awards /


The winner of the prize of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the development and implementation of innovative technologies (2014)


Ukrainian State Prize in Science and Technology winner (2016).

Membership of Professional Societies


EGU Geophysical Instrumentation Division Vice-President

Number of publications: 65.

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