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Prof. Valery Korepanov

Date and place of birth:
01.07.1943, Russia.

Current employment and status:
Deputy director of Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research of
National Academy of Sciences and State Space Agency of Ukraine,
5-A Naukova str. 79060 Lviv Ukraine, Tel./Fax: 380-32-2639163, Email:

Graduated from Lviv Polytechnical Institute as electric engineer in 1965.
Ph.D. Degree in Electromagnetic Measurements in Lviv Polytechnical Institute in 1970.
Habilitation of Ph.D. in Geophysics in Institute of Physics of the Earth (Moscow) in 1991

1966 - 1969 engineer of Institute of Physics and Mechanics;
1969 - 1986 junior then senior scientist of Institute of Physics and Mechanics;
1986 - 1996 - Chief-specialist of Experimental Division of Institute of Physics and Mechanics;
1996 - till now - Deputy Director of Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research.

(i) main field
Development of theoretical and methodological aspects of electric and magnetic fields investigations in
different media: space plasma, marine water and on-land.
Design and manufacturing of different types of instrumentation for measurement of electric and magnetic
fields and electric current in conductive media (space, ground, water) and means of their calibration.
(ii) other fields
Study of electromagnetic precursors of natural hazards.
(iii) current research interests
Preparation of spatial international small satellite missions for ionosperic research.
Electromagnetic research in space and ground geophysics.

Honors, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies:
Diploma and medal of Presidium of Academy of Sciences of USSR (1973).
Bronze medal of USSR Exposition of National Achievements (1985).
Honorary Scientist of Ukraine (1997).
Diploma of Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2001).
Order “For Merits”; Honorary Space Branch Fellow of Ukraine award (2003).
Adviser of the Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.
COSPAR National board member.
International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Member (2004).
Tsiolkovsky Russian Academy of Cosmonautics member (2013).
European Geoscience Union (EGU) member.
Chairman of the EGU Committee of Christian Huygens medal (2011-2014).
Ukrainian State Prize in Science and Technology winner for 2008.
Christian Huygens medal awarded by EGU (2009).
IAA outstanding achievements award (2011).
Alexander Chizhevsky medal awarded by Russian Space Federation (2012).
CHIBIS-M Space Mission Participant’s Honorary Diploma of Russian Academy of Sciences (2012).
Aerospace Society of Ukraine Medal “For Merits” (2013).
Badge of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine "For professional achievement" (2013).
Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine "For Service to the Ukrainian people" (2013).
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Prize winner (2014).
IUGG Working group EMSEV Bureau member.
National Space Review, Ukrainian Antarctic Review, Sun and Geosphere, Geosientific Instrumentation,
Methods and Data Systems editorial boards member.

Number of publications: 610.

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