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Family name


First name


Affiliation and official address:

Scientific director, Chief of Laboratory for Electromagnetic Investigations

of Lviv Centre of Institute of Space Research

of  National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and National Space Agency of Ukraine.

5-A Naukova str. 79000 Lviv  Ukraine.

Tel./Fax: 380-322-639163

Fax: 380-32-2540225


Date and place of birth

01.07.1943, Former Soviet Union




Graduated from Lviv Polytechnical Institute as electric engineer in 1965.

Ph.D. Degree in Electromagnetic Measurements in Lviv Polytechnical Institute in 1970.

Habilitation of Ph.D. in Geophysics in  Institute of  Physics of the Earth (Moscow) in 1991.


1966 - 1969 engineer of  Institute of  Physics and Mechanics;

1969 - 1973 junior then senior scientist of  Institute of  Physics and Mechanics;

1986 - 1996 - Chief-specialist of Experimental Division and Special Design Division of Institute of Physics and Mechanics;

1996 - till now - Chief of Laboratory for electromagnetic investigations and Scientific Director of Lviv Centre of   Institute of Space Research.


(i) main field  

Development of theoretical and methodological aspects of electric and magnetic fields investigations in different media: space plasma, marine water and on-land.

(ii) other fields

Study of monitoring methodology of electromagnetic precursors of natural hazards.

Design and manufacturing of different types of magnetometers and electrometers.

(iii) current research interests

Preparation of international experiments VARIANT onboard SICH – 1M satellite mission (PI) and environment onboard ISS (Co-PI).

EMC tests methodology for search and location of electromagnetic radiation sources in ELF-VLF band and in DC magnetic field, especially for micro – satellites.

Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies

Honoured Diploma and medal of Presidium of Academy of Sciences of  USSR  (1973)

Bronze medal of USSR Exposition of National Achievements (1985)

Honoured Scientist of  Ukraine (1997)

Honoured Diploma of Presidium of  National Academy of Sciences of  Ukraine (2001)

Order “For Merits” (2003)

IAA Member

COSPAR National board member

State Prize of Ukraine winner (2008)

The 2009 Christiaan Huygens Medal

IAGA WG 5-OBS on Geomagnetic Observatories member

National Space Review and National Antarctic Bulletin editorial boards member;

EGU IWG Geophysical Instrumentation Vice‑Chairman
Number of publications:




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