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Laboratory for electromagnetic investigations

is engaged in the experimental and theoretical works in the branch of electric and magnetic field study in the conductive media (space plasma, water, soil), and geophysical instrumentation development and manufacturing.

     Space investigations has long and successful history during recent 40 years and were resulted in numerous exciting experiments carried out onboard of satellites and interplanetary stations. The last of them - INTERBALL-TAIL, was launched in 1995 and was operating on the orbit during 5 years. Three space projects - VARIANT onboard Ukrainian SiCH-1M spacecraft, ECHO-EM onboard WARNING satellite and ENVIRONMENT nanosatellite in frames of International Space Station scientific program - are under the development now.

     There are two main directions of the space investigations now:

Theoretical and experimental investigations of the processes in the upper layers of the Earth environment.
Design and manufacturing of the scientific instrumentation for the space parameters measurement onboard the spacecrafts.

     We can offer not only the space qualified instrumentation for the study of electromagnetic parameters in space plasma, but also provide consulting as to the methodology of both the measurements in space and the sensors installation onboard the satellites.

     Recently major activity in geophysics is concentrated on the electromagnetic signatures of earthquake study.  A new experimental evidence of the magnetic signals preceding the earthquakes is obtained for some regions of the Earth: Japan, Crimea, Kamchatka, Transcarpathians.

     In the branch of the geophysical instrumentation development the wide range of devices for the laboratory, industry and field study is manufactured (in particular, the field vector magnetometer for the geophysical prospecting of the oil and gas deposits, magnetotelluric station for the study of geoelectric structure of Earth's crust etc.) and successfully tested.

     Main application area:

     Geophysical research in space, sea and ground connected with the study of weak electric and magnetic fields and their fluctuations.

     Any instrumentation in other area which uses the measurement of magnetic field and/or its fluctuations in the frequency band from DC up to 1 megahertz with sensitivity up to 1 femtotesla.

     Calibration systems for magnetometers with high precision - both hardware and software development and implementation.

     Systems for electromagnetic cleanliness (EMC) testing in the frequency band DC - 1MHz.

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