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bullet Magnetic field components measurements
bullet Fluxgate compass systems (orientation)
bullet Navigation
bullet Magnetic signatures study
bullet Traffic control
bulletResidual field measurements (shielding efficiency estimation)



The model LEMI-011 is a complete 3 axes flux-gate magnetometer manufactured in two versions: monoblock (“tube” and “box” shape, sensor included) and as a p.c. board and sensor with cable up to 3 m long. Its peculiarity is super-low power consumption – min about 5 mW.

The analog output voltages along each component (relative to “REF” output) are proportional to the measured magnetic field.

Connection to the registration system is realized through standard RC7 connector for the monoblock construction and through 7 long flying leads for p. c. board one.


Measurement range along each axis ± 50000 nT (or other by demand)
Operation mode continuous
Sensitivity 45 ± 0.5mV/nT
Bandwidth 0 … 10 Hz (-3 dB)
Output voltage relative to “REF” bus, max ± 2.25 V
Reference output “REF” voltage to supply ground ~ 2.5 V (half of supply voltage)
Noise level at frequency 5 Hz 0.1 ¸ 0.2 (on demand) nT/Ö Hz
Orthogonality error of sensor axes, max ± 2°
error of orthogonality determination (calibrated, optional) ± 20 min of arc
Transfer factor error < 0,1 %
Zero offset at t=20° C, max < 600 nT
Zero drift over temperature < 5 nT/°C
Power supply voltage ± 0.25 V
Maximal consumed current 2.5 ¸ 5.5 mA (in dependence on noise level
Guaranteed operation temperature range
(operational till +105°C, experimentally confirmed)
-40 ...+80 °C
Overall dimensions and weight, max
Sensor 50x16x16 mm, 20 g
Electronic unit
Monoblock of “tube” form 160 x 20 x 7mm, 15 g
Monoblock of “box” form 115 x 60 x 27mm, 120 g

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