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Main features:

bullet High resolution and precision
bullet Low noise
bullet Low temperature offset
bullet Convenience of installation and service
bullet Low power consumption
bullet Analog and digital outputs
bulletMagnetic and temperature channels
bullet18 months operational guarantee

LEMI-035 autonomous flux-gate magnetometer for 3-component measurement of Earth's magnetic field and its variations at laboratory as well as in geomagnetic observatory is produced on the base of flux-gate sensor, all three components of which are implemented in the same body. It consists of two units - sensor unit with adjustable support and electronic unit both connected by long cable. The electronics is implemented as black box unit with digital and analog output which may be connected to any analog registration unit. Low power consumption of the magnetometer requires small buffer battery what is convenient for long-term autonomous measurements in field conditions, where power breaks often occur.


Measurement range  70000 nT
Magnetic field variation range (w/o additional compensation) 1000 nT
Analog output sensitivity 5 mV/nT
Analog output range

 4.8 V

Frequency band, 4th order Butterworth low-pass filter

020 Hz

Noise level at 1 Hz

< 10 pT

Magnetic sensor components orthogonality error

< 30 min of arc

Temperature drift

< 0.5 nT/C

Operating temperature range minus 20 to + 60C
Power supply (external battery voltage) 12+6-3  V
Power consumption < 0.7 W
Thermometer measurement range

minus 100+100C

Thermometer resolution


Thermometer basic measurement error


Transformation factor

50 mV/C

Format of data at the digital output (RS-232)


Baud rate
Stop bit 1, Parity bit - None
115200 baud
Data/power cable length

1.8 m

Analog outputs cable length

1.8 m

Flux-gate sensor cable length

10 m

      electronic unit
      observatory sensor


D = 210 mm, H = 160 mm

electronic unit
      observatory sensor

0.5 kg

3.3 kg


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