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Search-Coil Magnetometer for Land Applications LEMI-104


Main features:

Low power consumption
Noise suppression at frequency 60 (or 50) Hz - optional
Low noise, near the theoretically lowest possible level
High sensitivity
Ruggedized and waterproof
Metrological certification


Frequency Response

Noise Level


     New calculation methodology allowed to minimize the weight and provide low noise level in all frequency band.  New system of magnetic compensation along the sensor core was developed for additional noise suppression at frequencies 60 (or 50) Hz (curve 2).  Matched low noise amplifier is placed inside the sensor body.


Technical Specifications:

Full frequency range 0.03...200 Hz
Symmetrical output 5 V
Sensitivity, flat part 50 mV/nT
Length 870 mm
Weight 8 kg
Power consumption: 20 mA at 12 V

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