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OLD Product!

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Main features

bulletHigh sensitivity
bulletLow noise, near the theoretically lowest possible level
bulletFrequency band 10 Hz - 600 kHz
bulletSuper-light construction
bulletLow power consumption
bulletMetrological certification


New calculation methodology using minimal mass criteria allowed to minimize the weight, conserving necessary length in order to provide low noise level in wide frequency band. The magnetic feedback design is utilized what provides a stable response over several decades of frequency. Over the flat band region the sensor operates as a B field detector; for the frequencies below the flat part the sensor response is proportional to signal frequency or to dB/dt derivative. Low noise preamplifier is placed inside the sensor.

Frequency Response Noise Level

Frequency Response

Noise Level

The main parameters

Full frequency range 10 ... 600000 Hz
Sensitivity, linear part  0.02 mV/nT*Hz
Sensitivity, flat part 20 mV/nT
Length 510 mm
Weight 75 g
Power consumption 2 mA at 12 V

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