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The super-light induction magnetometer LEMI-106HS is intended for measurements of alternating magnetic fields in space during scientific investigations. New calculation methodology using minimal mass criterium allowed to minimize the weight of LEMI-106HS, conserving low noise level in wide frequency band. It can be used with any analog measuring unit.


Technical Specifications

Full frequency band of received signal, Hz 1 20000
Frequency characteristics flatness in the pass band, kHz 1 20
Transformation factor, mV/nT 100
Output parameters (at every of two symmetrical outputs):
               max. output voltage, V
               output resistance, Ohm
               min. loading resistance, kOhm

< 100
Short-time short-circuiting protection is available.
Magnetic noise level, pT
  at 10 Hz
    at 100 Hz
    at 1 kHz
    at 10 kHz

£ 2.5
£ 0.2
£ 0.02
£ 0.003

Power consumption, W £ 0.24
Temperature range, C:
 operation mode
     switched off state

minus 50 +50
minus 150 +70
Outer dimensions, mm
l = 300
´ h £ 35mm ´ 35mm
Weight, g ~ 95

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