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Main features

bulletFrequency range:
1 - 1000 Hz
bulletVery low noise
bulletLow power consumption


Product description: 
The LEMI-123 induction coil magnetometer has been optimized for packaging into size limited acquisition arrangements. Like all other LEMI induction coil magnetometers the LEMI-123 is based on a feedback design and features a state of the art built-in modulator-demodulator pre-amplifier with low power consumption and differential output. This ensures optimum perfor-mance in terms of noise and cross coupling when the sensor is integrated into a measurement system.
LEMI-123 sensors are intended for the study of magnetic field fluctuation in the frequency range from 1 Hz up to 1,000 Hz. They can be used stand alone or together with other magnetometers to cover a wider frequency range.

Application description
The LEMI-123 induction coil magnetometer have been designed to measure magnetic field variations in the frequency band from 1 Hz to 1000 Hz. LEMI-123 magnetometers are intended to be integrated into an acquisition system or measurement network. The analog output features standard output voltages that allow combining LEMI-123 magnetometers with every state of the art recording unit.

Frequency response and noise level graphs for the LEMI-123 Induction Magnetometer


Frequency band of measured signals   1 Hz to 1000 Hz
Shape of transfer function       Linear - Flat
Flat part of transfer function   100 Hz to 1000 Hz
Transformation factor at differential output
                                                 at flat part
                                              at linear part

20 mV/nT
*f  mV/nT
Magnetic noise level at
                             1 Hz
                           10 Hz
                         100 Hz   
                       1000 Hz

< 8 pT
< 0.5 pT
< 0.05 pT
< 0.02 pT
Voltage supply 5 V
Current consumption   13 mA
Temperature range of operation    0 ¸ +40oC
255 mm
48 mm
Weight    0.70 kg

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