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Main features


bulletWide frequency and dynamic range
bulletLow noise
bulletSmall dimensions
bulletThree-component structure
bulletLow power consumption
bulletVery low weight



The LEMI-151 search-coil magnetometer is intended for measurements of 3 components of AC magnetic field vector. It is a new design specifically developed for the SEAM space mission to achieve optimal performance within the volume constraints. As the result a miniature search-coil magnetometer with best combination of parameters was created and tested. Its parameters and external view are given below.



Frequency range 20 20000 Hz
Frequency response shape flat
Transformation factor 10 mV/nT
Noise level:
           at 10 Hz
           at 100 Hz
           at 1 kHz

15 pT/sqrt(Hz)
1,5 pT/sqrt(Hz)
0,12 pT/sqrt(Hz)
Power consumption  210 mW
Voltage supply 5V
Dimensions of sensor  38 x 38 x 38 mm
Mass of sensor 72 g

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