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Portable Declinometer – Inclinometer LEMI-203


Wide range of laboratory, industry and field applications.

Main features:

bulletHigh resolution
bulletLow noise
bulletLow temperature drift
bulletLow power consumption
bulletAnalog output
bulletInner battery
bulletSocket for charger/power supply
bulletAutomatic or manual band switch
bullet1 – year guarantee


LEMI-203 magnetometer is produced on the base of one-component fluxgate sensor.  The construction of its housing has the fixation side, which fits the corresponding fixation place of Zeiss theodolite and allows adjusting conveniently the direction of magnetic axis of the sensor.

 The non-magnetic 3N2KP-NM theodolite is also available and can be procured together with the magnetometer.


Technical Specifications:

Full measuring range 100000 nT
Three subranges, switched automatically, with limits and resolution on display correspondingly 2000 nT – 0.1 nT
20000 nT – 1.0 nT
100000 nT – 10 nT
Noise level in the frequency band 0.01 Hz, rms 20 pT
Power supply 12 V (inner battery Hitachi HP 3–12)
Power consumption 0.5 W
Operation temperatures 0 … +50C
Weight sensor unit 150 g
electronics unit: 2,5
kg (with battery)
Length of connecting cable 2 or 5 m

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