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The complete set of magnetometer consists of three LEMI-30 sensors and one communication unit (CAM unit), which connects the sensors to PC and provides their power supply, satellite synchronization of data sampling and digitizing.
The induction magnetometer LEMI-30 is intended for the study of magnetic field fluctuations in the frequency band 0.001 ... 30 Hz in land conditions and is ideal for ULF earthquake precursors monitoring. A novel method of strong damping of mains frequency is implemented there (see Frequency Response), what makes it convenient for using close to populated area. All three LEMI 30 sensors are similar within 0,1 dB.




Main Technical Parameters

Frequency band of received signals 0.001 ... 30 Hz
Transformation coefficient value on 2 symmetrical outputs:
      on the flat part

      on the linear part           

f is the frequency of received signal.

20 mV/nT;   
20*f mV/nT;
Transformation coefficient error 3 dB
Noise rejection on (50 0.2) or (60 0.2) Hz >60 dB
ADC (CAM unit) resolution 24 bit
GPS sampling synchronization and coordinates determination
Power supply voltage (6 ... 12) V
Total power consumption         < 3 W
Temperature range of operation minus 10 + 50oC
Outer dimensions l = 870 mm;
=  85 mm
Weight of one sensor 5.6 kg
Waterproof housing
Maximum length of connecting cable 200 m

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