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Magnetotelluric (MT) station for field study LEMI-404

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Main features:

bulletModular construction
bullet3 - components measurements of both magnetic and electric fields
bullet2 types of magnetometers (flux-gate, search-coil or both )
bulletWide frequency range (0 - 200) Hz
bulletPossibility of synchronous operation of two or more stations
bulletExcellent temperature stability
bulletHigh suppression of industrial noise (> 120 dB at 50 or 60 Hz)
bulletLow noise level
bulletSpecial software
bulletReal-time processing


     Magnetotelluric station LEMI-404 is intended for study of geoelectric structure of Earth's crust in frequency band (0-200) Hz in field conditions in wide temperature band.   The station provides the measurement in automated mode of the three components both of DC and AC magnetic fields and of electric fields.  Also it is possible to visualize the previously recorded data on the display of "Notebook" computer which serves for on-line data collection.  For the purpose of estimation of quality of collected data preliminary data processing can be done without interruption of recording using available software.  The sensors of electric and magnetic fields and data asquition unit can be moved away from the station body at the distance about 100 m and more.

Flux-gate magnetometer:

Full measuring range 70000 nT
Frequency band 0-1 Hz
Noise level in frequency band 0.01-1 Hz < 20 pT rms
Resolution at digital output 0.05 nT
Temperature zero drift < 0.2 nT/C

Search-coil magnetometer:

Frequency band 0.01-200 Hz
Shape of transfer function linear-flat
Noise level at 100 Hz 0.01 pT/(sqrt(Hz))

Electric field meter (at 100 m base):

Frequency band DC-200 Hz
Measuring range +-2 mV/m
Noise level in the band 0.01-1 Hz 0.01 mkV/m

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