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Main features:

bullet possibility of different operation modes;
bullet 3 types of sensors, 6 channels  (loops, induction coils and electric sensors);
bullet multichannel electric field measurement,
bullet satellite synchronous operation of one  or more systems;
bullet excellent temperature stability;
bullet high suppression of manmade  noise  
(> 70 dB at 50 or 60 Hz);
bullet low noise level;
bullet special software package;
bullet real-time processing;
bullet digital interface with maximum  possible line lenth up to 1 km;
bullet autonomous operation mode with   FLASH memory size up to 4 GB.


Multifunctional electromagnetic  prospecting system   LEMI-415  is intended for investigation of  geoelectric  structure  of the Earth's  crust  in field conditions to survey different types of deposits or electric and magnetic natural fields monitoring by different electromagnetic methods in field conditions. The  station provides automatic measurements, processing and  storing in FLASH memory card data from 3  induction coil magnetometers, 6 electric channels,  6 induction loops (altogether 6 sensors in any combination) . All  sensors are connected to the data collection system by digital line up to 1 km . The system  can operate autonomously with recording data at the FLASH card or/and transfer data to external computer with possibility of current or previously recorded data  visualisation. Data from compact FLASH memory card can be  transferred to remote  computer through  RS-422 port. FLASH memory card also can be removed from the system and data can be copied to PC through  standard card reader.  The system can operate in continuous or  pulse modes with satellite (GPS)  synchronization of both system and pulse generator operation.


1. Induction coil magnetometer:
- frequency band
- shape of transfer function
- corner frequency (or any other in the limits from  1 to 10 Hz)
- transfer factor
- noise level:
  0.1 Hz
  1 Hz
(0.001 - 30) Hz
1 Hz

5 mV/nT

1 pT / sqrt(Hz)
0.1 pT /
2. Induction loop (diameter 10 m):
noise level at frequency 1 Hz 0.02 pT / sqrt(Hz)
3. Electric field meter (for measuring base 100 m):
- frequency band
- measuring range
- temperature drift, less than
- noise level in frequency band (0.01-1) Hz,  less than
(DC-30) Hz
20 mV/m
mV/m (rms)
4. Flash memory card capacity 4 GB
5. Possibility of direct connection to the Internet
6. Interface RS-422
7. Power supply +(9-18)V
8. Power consumption, less than 4 W
9. Operation temperature (minus 10 ...+40) 'C
10. Weatherproof housing

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