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Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union Project “Problem-oriented Processing and Database Creation for Ionosphere Exploration” (POPDAT) started on June 1, 2011. Lviv Center of Institute for Space Research is an initiator of the Project together with Space Research Institute (Kyiv). Efforts of eight organizations from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine are joined in the Project.

The Project purpose is the problem-oriented processing of observational data collected and stored by former ionospheric satellite missionstheir data mining with the aim to create the database of ionosphere waves catalogues. This is an urgent need of modern space science because its realization will help to improve considerably Space Weather nowcast and forecast and to promote the progress of actual today GMES and other applied studies, e.g., ionospheric monitoring of natural and man-made hazards. At a first stage of the Project fulfillment, the different types of wave data will be selected, processed and arranged in topical catalogues: atmosphere gravity waves, moving plasma disturbances (bubbles, blobs, TID, etc), and ELF-VLF plasma emissions (whistler waves, hisses, etc). Then the Ionosphere Wave Service will be created including the composition of catalogues metadata to provide useful tool to access the database through a web portal. Ionosphere Wave Service will be promoted to a great number of scientists and specialists working in the numerous theoretical and applied space oriented branches, such as space physics, Solar-terrestrial connections, Space Weather, Earth observation, natural and man-made powerful hazards monitoring, satellites launches and exploration, to name a few.

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