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Main features

bullethigh productivity
bullethigh angle coordinates resolution
bulletexcellent temperature and long-term stability
bulletGPS synchronizing with reference magnetic variation station
bulletinternal non-volatile memory
bulletspecial software for preliminary data processing
bulletunique manufacturing technology
bulletsmall overall dimensions and power consumption
bulletautonomous feeding
bulletdust and waterproof  housing

Portable magnetometer for vector magnetic survey LEMI-013
is intended for 3-components vector magnetic survey at regions with complicate geological configuration of subsurface objects. Portable magnetometer is designed on the base of small-sized high stable 3-components fluxgate sensor that fixed tightly on the optical tube of non-magnetic theodolite and data acquisition unit with built-in GPS receiver. The magnetometer contains inner non-volatile memory for field data storage and built-in battery. Special software gives possibility to correct vector magnetometer readings accordingly to the synchronous data of reference magnetic variations station placed nearby investigated site.



Measurement range 70 000 nT
Frequency band (01) Hz
Noise level using the sensor in flat part of the frequency response 8 pTrms
Resolution 50 pT
Temperature drift 0.2 nT / C
Accuracy of angle coordinates measurements 7 sec. of arc
Accuracy of components measurement of total magnetic induction vector of Earths field 2 nT
Volume of built-in memory 64 Mbyte
Temperature operation range RS-232 (RS-422)
Temperature operation range (minus  20 +40) oC
Power supply (battery) 12+6-3 V
Power consumption 0.8 W

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