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Main features:

bulletHighest reliability redundant equipment in cold reserve mode is used. The device includes two independent magnetometers assembled in the monoblock.
bulletptical calibration of the directions of sensitivity axes with the error less than 5 arc min is provided.
bulletHigh mechanical, temperature and time stability of the directions of magnetic axes due to special sensor design. The device withstands shock loads about 300 g.
bulletLow power consumption 0.25 W.
bulletDigital doubled data exchange interface RS-485, SSP protocol of 2.1. version
bulletHigh sensitivity allows using measurement results in scientific research
bulletHigh operation speed and resistance to overloads allow magnetic microsatellite attitude controlling.
bulletFunctional test is possible in operation mode.


This instrument is designed for the highest reliability and uses a structure with redundant equipment in cold reserve mode. It includes two independent magnetometers with corresponding sensors assembled to form a small robust monoblock. Special sensor design maintains axial alignment after extreme shock loads.

A user serial interface transmits output digital signals into the microsatellite control system. The TIA/EIA-485 (RS-485) interface is implemented with signals galvanic decoupling and maintains SSP. Both main and redundant channels of communication are galvanically insulated from other satellite system circuits. High sensitivity of the magnetometer allows to use its data for scientific needs too.


Measurement range, nT 65000
Maximal sample rate, Hz 12
Resolution, bits 16
Axial alignment precision (calibrated) 5 min of arc
Maximal offset, nT 50
Gain error, % of reading < 0.1
Zero drift over temperature, nT/C < 1.5
Gain drift over temperature, % of reading /C < 0.005
Operation temperature range, C minus 40 ...+80
Power consumption (galvanically insulated power converter utilizes onboard power supply voltage 24..34V), W < 0.25
Overall dimensions 123 x 80.5 x 92.5 mm
Weight, kg 1.2 kg
Shockproof, till, g 300

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