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Main features:

bulletHigh resolution and precision
bulletLow noise
bulletLow temperature offset
bulletConvenience of installation and service
bulletLow power consumption
bulletGraphical display with touch screen
bullet32 GB SD card
bulletInternal real time clock
bulletSatellite synchronization
bulletUSB output
bullet3 years operational guarantee
bulletWaterproof housing

Magnetometer LEMI-018 with different sensors

Main program window

LEMI-018 vector magnetometer for the precise measurement of Earth's magnetic field and its variations at laboratory and land conditions as well as in geomagnetic observatory is produced on the base of flux-gate sensor, all three components of which are implemented in the same body. It consists of two units - sensor unit in waterproof housing and electronic unit mounted in PELI case, both connected by the cable. The electronic unit provides automated operation - acquisition, processing and storage in the embedded SD card of data about magnetic field and its variations and/or their transmission to the external user via USB interface. Built-in GPS receiver assures satellite synchronization of the internal clock and the coordinates of magnetometer location are also registered. It allows organizing the synchronous operation of a set of the magnetometers installed at the studied area. The big volume of internal non-volatile memory for data recording and small power consumption permits using this magnetometer for long-term autonomous operation in land conditions. Other options, e.g., tilt compensated sensor version, for observatory and laboratory use with leveling facilities, hermetic version etc. exist too.


Data Logger

Frequency band DC-0.5 Hz
Sample rate 1 per s
SD card 32 GB
Digital output and control USB
GPS timing, coordinates and altitude determination  
Operating temperature range Minus 20 to +60C
Power supply (5-20) V
Power consumption <0.5 W
Weight 2.0 kg
3-component Flux-Gate Magnetometer
Measured range at analog output 70000 nT
Frequency band for magnetometer DC-10 Hz
Transformation factor of analog output 20 V/nT
Noise level at 1 Hz ≤10 pT/√Hz
Temperature drift < 0.3 nT/C
Components orthogonality error (without compensation) < 30 min of arc
Operating temperature range minus 20 to + 55 C
Power consumption < 0.5 W
Power supply 5 V 0.1V
Weight: sensor with 20 m cable ~5 kg

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