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OLD Product!

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3-components analog/digital Magnetometer LEMI-022

Main features:

bulletHigh resolution and precision
bulletLow noise
bulletLow temperature offset
bulletConvenience of installation and service
bulletLow power consumption
bulletAutomatic operation control
bulletAnalog and RS232 (RS422) outputs available
bullet18 months operational guarantee



LEMI-022 vector magnetometer for the precise measurement of Earth's magnetic field and its variations at laboratory and land conditions as well as in geomagnetic observatory is produced on the base of flux-gate sensor, all three components of which are implemented in the same body. It consists of two units - sensor unit with adjustable support and electronic unit both connected by long cable. The electronics is implemented as “black box” unit with both analog output which may be connected to any analog registration unit and digital output. It allows automated operation - acquisition, of data about magnetic field and its variations and their transmission to the external user via RS232 or RS422 interface. Low power consumption of the magnetometer requires small buffer battery what is convenient for long-term autonomous measurements in field conditions, where power breaks often occur.



Measuring ranges of total magnetic field at the display ± 70 000 nT
Measured range at analog output ±1000nT *
Transformation factor of analog output 2.4 mV/nT *
Noise level at 1 Hz < 10 pT rms
Resolution along each component at digital output 0.033 nT *
Temperature drift < 0.2 nT/°C
Components initial orthogonality error < 30 min of arc
Operating temperature range minus 20 to +60° C
Power supply, battery 12+6-3  V
Power consumption < 0.7 W
Weight: sensor with support
              electronic unit
2.7 kg
1.8 kg
Length of connecting cable 10 m

* - other values possible to realize on demand.

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Last modified: 06-11-2015

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