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Main features

bulletHigh stable race-track sensor
bulletLow thermal drift
bulletThermal sensor in PCB
bulletHousing-free construction
designed to be built into the
user's equipment
bulletFlexible set of parameters
adjusted by a user demand

Miniature fluxgate magnetometer LEMI-205 is intended for measurements of one component
magnetic field.


Measurement range (on demand) 6000 50000 nT
Sensitivity (depends on measurement range) 380 24 V/nT
Bandwidth 0 ~3 Hz
Gain accuracy (at t = 20C) 0.2%
Magnetic noise level at 1 Hz < 30 pT/Hz-1/2
Scale factor temperature coefficient
         vs. sensor temperature
         vs. temperature of electronics

< 0.007 %/C
< 0.0015 %/C
Maximal zero offset (at 20 C) 200 nT
Zero drift over temperature < 0.2 nT/C
Sensitivity of temperature output (sensor: LMT84 TI Inc.) -5.436 mV/C
Output voltage relative to Ref bus (depends on supply voltage) 1.25 2.3 V
Reference output Ref voltage relative to power supply ground ~ half of supply voltage
Power supply voltage (on demand) From 3.3 to 5.5 V
Current consumption ~ 30 mA
Temperature range of operation 0 ÷ +60 C
Dimensions and mass
        Sensor (w/o cable)
        Electronic unit (PCB

12 x 60 mm, 10 g
35 x 25 x 2.8 mm, 3 g
Sensor cable length (on demand) 0.2 3.5 m

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