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New Cu-CuSO4 based LEMI non-polarized electrode for the measurement of electric field components at magnetotelluric (MT) sounding of Earths crust is developed (Fig.1).

Recently, the new law is adopted in Europe demanding elimination of lead and lead composites from use in every application. The LEMI-701 electrode is environment-friendly.

Our long-term study shows that the new LEMI geophysical electrodes besides their ecological safety, also have some advantages in comparison with Pb-PbCl ones. LEMI-701 electrodes are produced as matched pairs selected by special training and developed selection procedure. As an example, their long-term drift for ~ 4 months (Fig.2) was about 50 microvolt versus 1 mV/month for Pb-PbCl. The measured own noise of randomly selected matched pair of LEMI-701 non-polarized electrodes was ~10nV (Fig.3 at 1 Hz versus 0.4 mcV for Pb-PbCl.



Fig.1. LEMI-701 non-polarized electrode

Fig.2. Drift of selected electrode pairs (long term)


Fig.3. Electrode spectral noise density

Weight: 0.8 kg

Dimensions: Ø 72 mm x 130 mm

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