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OKVG - 01

Main features

functioning with turbine and rotor counters of natural gas;
counting and raising to standard volume conditions of gas, which has passed through the counter;
usage in gas account node, which are not supplied with electric power, networking via the interface RS485;
explosion-proof level “1ExibsIIAT4X”, protection of the frame IP64.


1. Module of the corrector includes:

front panel with an electronic block, a keyboard and an indicator;
container for placing an autonomous battery charger, pressure transducer, connectors for junctions with a counter, temperature-sensitive unit, peripheral equipment;
pressure transducer;
autonomous battery charger (lithium battery with spark-proof circuits);
fastening with rotation possibility;

2. Temperature-sensitive unit.

3. External power supply unit with spark-proof circuits and a transformer of the interfaces RS485 « RS232 .


Accuracy of gas volume counting

Tolerable relative error of counting of gas volume over the range from 0,25 Рmax tо Рmax and temperature from -30 °С to 60 °С doesn’t exceed ± 0,5 %.

Pressure measuring

strain-gauge transducers of absolute or excessive pressure;
high boundary value of measured pressure can be over the range from 0,1 to 10,0 МPа,
limits of tolerable raised error of counting of gas over the range from 0,25 Rmax tо Rmax don’t exceed ± 0,3% of high limit of measurement;


of environment from -40 °С tо 60 °С;
of gas from -30 °С tо 60 °С;

Temperature measuring

temperature-sensitive unit, class B, type ТSМ (W100=1,4280) or ТSP (W100=1,3850);
tolerable boundary value of absolute error at temperature measuring doesn’t exceed ± 0,2 °С;

Power supply

Two variants:

internal lithium batter (term of functioning from a lithium battery, capacity 19 А· hour 4 years);
external source of direct current, voltage from 6 tо 9 V.


dry contacts;
pulses with frequency not more than 1 Hz and duration not less than 80 mс.

Configuration, inserting and taking of data

installation of configuration, inserting and taking of data with the help of keyboard on the front panel or via interface;
possibility of taking into account of real characteristics of transformation of a temperature-sensitive unit, pressure transducer over the operating range of temperatures, turbine or rotor counter with the purpose of accuracy increasing and extending of measured range of expense.

History of measurement

Accumulation and preservation of measurement history of average values of pressure, temperature, volume and gas expenditure under operating and standard conditions per minute, hour, 24 hours and month over a period of 60 minutes, 1080 hours, 93 days and nights and 25 months correspondingly.


Two-rows alphanumeric display LCD reflects in Ukrainian, Russian and English:

volume and expenditure of gas under operating and standard conditions;
values of pressure and temperature;
coefficient of compression;
appearance of supernumerary situations;
other operating parameters.

Place of installation

On the gas counter or directly near it on the holder.


ensuring of graduation of measurement channels of gas and temperature and self-diagnostics of efficiency;
automatic fixation of time and duration of supernumerary situations, gas parameters’ changes or configuration (200 events for each kind);
regulated period of measuring of temperature and pressure from 1 tо 10с with D t =1c;
calculation of parameters’ average value over a period of supply absence;
availability of 4 access levels for revision and changing of parameters and configuration;
possibility to regulate contrast of the indicator’s image depending on temperature of environment;
availability of pulses counter with possibility of determination of initial count;
availability of output program-directed signals (two keys), what allows to form directing signals about supernumerary situations or numeric-pulse code of value, which is being measured or has been calculated with proportion coefficient, which is being fixed;
determination of the moment of automatic change to summer and winter time;
time registration of outer magnetic field’s influence on results of measuring;
user-friendly menu.

Additional information

User guide



User guide



Network protocol "CorNet"

ukr 456k
Network protocol "CorNet"

rus 452k

Contact Information

Deputy Director Adolf Lukeniuk
Telephone(380) 322 654-739; 654-651

(380) 322 638-244

Postal address 5-A Naukova St.,
Lviv, 79000, Ukraine

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