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3-component 1-second observatory Magnetometer LEMI-025

Main features

bulletHigh resolution and precision
bulletLow noise level
bulletLow time shift of the acquired data
bulletLow temperature offset
bulletConvenience of installation and service
bulletAutomatic operation control
bullet2 GB removable Flash card
bulletSatellite synchronization
bulletRS - 232 output
bulletIAGA2002 formatted 1-sec and 1-min data
bulletDeep suppression of the power mains interference
bullet18 months operational guarantee



Fluxgate magnetometer LEMI-025 was specially developed for the super stable 3-component measurements of Earth magnetic field induction and their variations in accordance with new 1-second INTERMAGNET standard. In order to realize this design major attention was paid to frequency response and sampling synchronization accuracy as well as thermal and temporal stability and noise level for magnetic channels. In order to fulfil such mutually contradictory requirements as speed of response and deep suppression of industrial noise the specific combination of analogue and digital filters was realized in this instrument. The magnetic sensor of flux-gate type, which mainly determines magnetometer stability and noise level, was manufactured using well-proved technology on the base of marble and quartz combination. The rotating sensor support has two bubble levels and levelling facilities to provide proper orientation of its components at the selected place. The instrument is intended for operation in the geomagnetic observatory conditions and is both accumulating data into a removable Compact flash memory card up to 2 GB and/or transmitting to the external PC for storing of the acquired data.

LEMI-025 LEMI-025

Magnetometer LEMI-025 in Conrad Observatory, Austria


Measured range of magnetic field variations 4000 nT
Offset compensation band along each magnetic component 70 000 nT
Resolution along each component:
at the display, 1-second and 1-minute data files
    at 0.1-second file and Flash card data

0.01 nT
0.001 nT
Temperature drift < 0.2 nT/C
Noise level at 1 Hz < 10 pT rms
Components orthogonality error < 30 min of arc
Components orthogonality error after calibration < 2 min of arc
Sample rate  
   at the magnetometer digital output and FLASH card
   after PC software digital filtration
10 per second
1 per second
1 per minute
Frequency band for 10 per second data output DC 3.5 Hz
Volume of the removable Compact FLASH memory card (CF FAT16) ≤ 2 GB
Digital output RS 232
GPS timing and co-ordinates determination
Operating temperature range minus 10 to +50 C
Power supply 12+3-2  V
Power consumption < 4 W
sensor with 10 m cable
electronic unit with cables
GPS antenna with 15 m cable
3.3 kg
3.8 kg
0.7 kg

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